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The Quirky Turkeys are a collection of 2,525 unique turkeys ready to gobble all over the solana NFT scene before Thanksgiving. We are doing a collection of 2,525 in honor of the US holiday of thanksgiving falling on the 25th of November this year.

The Main Launch will take place on our website. The Price will be 0.15 $SOL per Turkey!

We intend to be on Magic Eden right after mint and are talking to Alpha Art about being listed on there website as well.

Our main goal through this project is to help the thousands of families in need of a quality thanksgiving meal before the Thanksgiving holiday. We plan on donating a meal to a family in need for every mint sale that occurs. We will also be donating a portion of secondary sales for additional meals. We believe that no family should have to spend Thanksgiving Day without a warm delicious Turkey dinner. We will be providing proof of our donation right after mint.

We will continue to use secondary sales after Thanksgiving for donations for the next upcoming holiday, Christmas. We will be donating toys/gifts to families in need for the Christmas holiday as well with post thanksgiving secondary sales. Additionally if you hold a Quirk Turkey through thanksgiving and the Turkey is not listed, you will have a chance to be one of the 100 turkeys selected for a special prize to be announced in the coming week

By popular demand here is our project roadmap!

We had intentionally not published a roadmap initially because we are firm believers in keeping 100% of project commitments and we feel that commitments should be realistic and achievable!

If we commit to something we want to be 100% sure we can deliver on that promise. We have observed far too many instances where projects promise the world (airdrops, breeding, staking, royalties, movies, comics, merchandise etc etc) and it all sounds great, but delivery falls short! That’s not us!

With that said here is our roadmap as of right now, and it will remain dynamic! We have lots of other ideas and are in talks with our developer/artist, other projects and teams in the space to bring lots of VALUE to you in the future!

Without further ado, this is the roadmap we intend to deliver on, 100% commitment to you, our quirky Turkey fam!

What we’ve done to get to this point:

✅ Developed 2,525 unique turkeys and several rare 1 of 1 pieces, appended to the Solana blockchain

✅ Launched project resources including our twitter @quirky_turkeys, website quirkyturkeys.org and discord and began our community development

✅ Partnered with Minty app to bring the first ever mobile launch in Solana history

✅ Obtained approval from Magic Eden for secondary listing post-launch and listed as the featured upcoming drop on their landing page

✅ Rarity listing on https://moonrank.app/collection/quirky_turkeys

✅ Partnered with $WAGMI token to airdrop to gold VIP pass holders

✅ Successful mobile flash-presale on 11/14

To name a few!!

Our imminent next steps and priorities related to mint and lost launch:

1️⃣ Public mint on BOTH our website (quirkyturkeys.org) and the minty mobile app on 11/15 at 10PM UTC (5PM EST)

2️⃣ Immediately list on Magic Eden, our preferred secondary marketplace and start showing off the quirky turkeys to the broader Solona community and spreading the gobble gobble all over the place!

3️⃣ Make the donation to the charity that we will be partnering with to distribute the 2,525 warm thanksgiving meals for those with food insecurity.

Post launch priorities and initiatives:

4️⃣Utilize a portion of proceeds from secondary sales to continue supporting charitable initiatives starting with gifts/toys for children for families that may not be able to afford that perfect holiday present

5️⃣ Reach out to additional marketplaces to being additional options for secondary

6️⃣ Incorporate rarity into our website

7️⃣ Partnerships with some of your favorite Solana projects and communities (we won’t release specifics at this time but are already having conversations with several interested teams)

8️⃣ Special airdrops and giveaways for Turkey holders (again, not releasing specifics at this time but we already have one confirmed airdrop, hint we like sharing and we know the team over at $WAGMI quite well 😉)

9️⃣ We will run promotions and contests where we will give away our own Treasury Turkeys, other NFTs and Solana for those in our community that hold quirky turkeys

Aspirational steps we would like to explore down the road

💡As stated above, we aren’t going to promise anything we can’t deliver BUT we have quite a few ideas up our sleeve that we feel will greatly increase the value of your turkeys and incentivize holding for the long run!

Oh, and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the quirky turkeys adding some more seasonal characters as friends down the road 🏘

Ultimately this project is for 1) you, our community, 2) the charities we intend to partner with and support!

With everything we do, we want your input, feedback and suggestions! Part of the reason we don’t want to dictate the full roadmap now, is so that you can help craft the Quirky world in which our Turkeys live. This project will always be interactive and we will listen to you and work to do what’s best for you and the community!

That’s all for now! And as always gobble, gobble gobble!


Solo Dolo has been involved in the crypto world since 2013 when he first learned about BTC. Since then he has fully converted his time from ETH NFTs to the $SOL ecosystem where he is well known on Twitter for his ongoing charitable contribution efforts and leading multiple successful stealth drops of projects over the past several months.


A talented female graphic designer and artist based on the East Coast of the United States joined the team to develop all of the Quirky Turkey art using only her iPad in just under a week. The Dev teams willingness to let her take the reigns on the art in full, allowed her to make on the spot modifications and decisions that ultimately resulted in the excellent artwork we are happy to share with you all.

Sol_Surviv0r first emerged onto the crypto scene in 2016 and quickly learned a lesson in patience! Since then he has dabbled in NFTs starting with TopShot, ETH and has happily landed in the Solana community! He is passionate about giving back to the community and educating others to avoid the same (costly) mistakes made during the 2017 crash!

The Thanksgiving side that this Quirky Turkey is most looking forward to donating is grandma’s stuffing!


An enthusiast who developed a few projects in the Solana Ecosystem. Always willing to learn more and help around the community.

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